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Bash for Beginners | Learn Shell Scripting for Automation

By Ansh Bhawnani Categories: Hindi, Linux
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About Course

Welcome to the world of Linux! If you are a complete beginner, this course is a gem for you! Learn about the Linux basics and the art of automation and scripting in bash shell, in your native language, HINDI!

This is a basic course for those are looking to program and automate their day to day tasks in Linux and do some system administration. You will be taught the essentials of Linux kernel, the file system, the permission model, basic commands, introduction to shells, and how to write scripts in one, i.e., the bash shell.

NOTE: Nepal, Bangladesh,Pakistan & other nationals other than India who want to purchase this course can PayPal me directly (8 USD only) on my PayPal id: [email protected]. Send the receipt of payment on the same email along with your account username on this site. You should create an account with your same email on this site before you can access the course.

NOTE: To learn this course to the fullest, you need to have some background knowledge about Linux, some basic commands, and the overall working of the kernel. Everything cannot be taught in a bash scripting course, anyway I have tried to include the basics too!


Bash for Beginners Course Syllabus/Table of Contents: https://cutt.ly/qbLxyv1

What will this course give you? This course teaches you the following:

  1. Know the history of the Linux kernel and the shell environment
  2. Introduction to shells and types of shells
  3. Introduction to bash shell and its features as compared to bourne shell
  4. Learn about linux filesystem and the architecture of directories, and their significance
  5. Learn about filesystem permissions, ownership and working with them
  6. Learn about user administration
  7. Learn some basic shell commands used in regular usage
  8. Setting up an environment for scripting in bash
  9. Writing a simple Hello World program in bash
  10. Learn about comments and quotes in bash
  11. Learn about variables and types of variables
  12. How to take and store user input
  13. Learn about command line arguments
  14. Operators in bash and command substitution
  15. Conditional statements, i.e, if and case statements in bash
  16. Looping constructs, i.e, for, while, until loops and break-continue
  17. String operations in bash, declaration, finding length, substring and concatenation
  18. Learn about arrays and types of arrays
  19. Usage of functions in bash
  20. File operations, read/write and aliases
  21. Pattern matching and regular expressions in bash

In addition to basic bash scripting, I have also included bonus topics including awk scripts and sed, which are very helpful for text and string processing.

Product Terms and Conditions:

  • You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the course, use of the service, or access to the service or any contact on the website through which the course is provided, without express written permission by us.
  • You are clearly notified that all the content of the course is totally authentic and is the sole property of Bitten Tech Solutions.
  • The owner of the course deserves complete authority to block access of any customer of the course who violates the terms and conditions of the course. Further legal actions may also be taken.
  • The product once purchased is not refundable after successful payment.
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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Learn the basics of Linux and command line
  • 2. Learn using all the major llinux commands
  • 3. Write shell scripts that can be used on Linux, Windows and all Unix based operating systems
  • 4. Be able to automate tasks in bash
  • 5. Learn and gain hands on skills on advanced bash features
  • 6. Create shell scripts that solves a real world problem
  • 7. Be able to process records and texts with awk and sed

Course Content

Introduction to Bash Shell

  • Introduction and History of Linux and Shell
  • Bash Scripting Environment Setup
  • Basic Commands part 1
  • Basic Commands part 2
  • grep command
  • Filesystem and Permission Model
  • Working with Linux User Administration
  • IO Redirection and Pipes

Simple Script Elements

Bash Variables and Operators

Bash Conditional Statements

Bash Loops

Bash Strings

Bash Functions

Bash Arrays

File Operations

Bonus Section


Additional Content

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4 months ago
This course is good for the beginner.
11 months ago
Great course. Thank you.
11 months ago
i have learn a lot of new things
12 months ago
Amazing Course
1 year ago
1 year ago
Nice course
1 year ago
good for beginners
1 year ago
1 year ago
A great start to BASH scripting and good tutorials for essential linux commands in one course! <3
2 years ago
great way for me to refresh
2 years ago
2 years ago
One of the best bash scripting course for beginners
2 years ago
Great course for begginers
2 years ago
good one
2 years ago
Amazing course for beginners....
2 years ago
Great course
2 years ago
2 years ago
super amazing course
2 years ago
amazing!!! just go for it

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