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Pentesting with Python | Hands on Scripting for Offensive Automation

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About Course

Welcome to the world of Python! If you are interested in penetration testing and also know the basics of Python, this course is a gem for you! Learn about the essence of offensive security programming and the art of automation and scripting in Python, in your native language, HINDI!

This is a basic course for those are looking to program and automate their day to day ethical hacking/penetration testing tasks in Python and do some hands on scripting. You will be taught about coding the essential tools used in pentesting, bug bounty, reconnaissance, exploitation, scanning and fuzzing in one, i.e., Python3.

NOTE: Nepal, Bangladesh,Pakistan & other nationals other than India who want to purchase this course can PayPal me directly (14 USD only) on my PayPal id: [email protected]. Send the receipt of payment on the same email along with your account username on this site. You should create an account with your same email on this site before you can access the course.

In this course, you will learn about:

  1.  Step into the world of programming with ethical hacking
  2. Learn the importance of programming for creating your own ethical hacking/pentesting tools
  3. Create your own offensive tools by following the basic programming concepts and standards
  4. Learn how to build comprehensive logic and problem solving skills
  5. Learn to setup a Python IDE PyCharm and install python packages with pip
  6. Create an information gathering tool with whois, DNS, geolocation and shodan info
  7. Learn to save the script output in various formats
  8. Introduce yourself to scapy, Python’s popular network manipulation toolkit
  9. Learn to show the output in various colors with colorama
  10. Build a simple packet sniffer
  11. Learn to sniff raw data at different layers of a network packet
  12. Learn to analyze and manipulate layer 2/layer 3 packets with scapy
  13. Create a simple sequential port scanner
  14. Introduce yourself to multithreading and concurrency
  15. Learn to build fast tools pertaining to industrial performance standards
  16. Recreate the port scanner with multithreading
  17. Integrate a banner grabber to the port scanner
  18. Learn to create an ARP spoofer with IP forwarding
  19. Learn to create forged ARP replies and send them to poison the ARP tables in your network
  20. Learn to stack DNS poisoning on ARP spoofer
  21. Learn to modify packet responses and reassemble the packets
  22. Create an IPtables rule and intercept packets with netfilterqueue
  23. Create a multi functional malware for effective system exploitation
  24. Implement socket programming for remote communication
  25. Learn to send and receive binary data with serialization and encoding
  26. Integrate various modules such file system navigation, remote command execution, files upload/download, persistence etc.
  27. Integrate a smart keylogger with your malware just like meterpreter keyscans
  28. Learn to bundle the python malware script into a standalone Windows executable
  29. Build a fast directory brute forcer and subdomain finder with a wordlist
  30. Build a recursive web crawler that reads the source code of the target, captures all the links and crawls individually until exhaustion
  31. Create a password guesser like hydra, implement command line arguments
  32.  Create a password brute forcer for HTTP, SSH and FTP
  33.  Create a web vulnerability scanner for SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting
  34.  Learn to capture all the forms in a webpage and submit each form by injecting a payload in the input fields
  35.  Create an ultra fast hash cracker for MD5, SHA1 and SHA256
  36.  Combine all the web app pentesting modules and create a web recon and exploitation automation framework
  37.  Integrate the framework with a Slack API for on demand channel notifications

Pentesting with Python Syllabus/Table of Contents: https://bit.ly/3jX45V1

NOTE: To learn this course to the fullest, you need to have some background knowledge about Python and Ethical Hacking. I would recommend you to first complete my TechHacker EHCS Bundle Course to gain the prerequisite knowledge you need for this course. For Python you can learn from my Python for Beginners Course. You will need to know some basic commands, and all the concepts like functions, loops, conditionals, arguments, modules, libraries, etc. till  OOPS. This course will apply all the major concepts you’ve learnt in Python and in Ethical Hacking for beginners course and leverage the power of automation!

If you have problems in buying courses or want guidelines on how to purchase courses from products.bittentechsolutions.in, check out this video: https://youtu.be/74pyrN-AtRY

How to access the course?

  1. Once you have purchased and completed the payment, an invoice will be generated and emailed to you.
  2. The course will be live on 15th May 2022. All the preorder customers will be able to access the course contents on that day.
  3. The videos will be available on demand on the website. You can watch them anytime 24/7. You can watch any video any number of times.

Product Terms and Conditions:

  • You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the course, use of the service, or access to the service or any contact on the website through which the course is provided, without express written permission by us.
  • You are clearly notified that all the content of the course is totally authentic and is the sole property of Bitten Tech Solutions.
  • All the practicals, hands on and attacks and scans performed in the course are all done under testing environment which is totally owned by the course creator. You are hereby advised to follow the same. Any deviation or failure to abide by the guidelines of the tutor shall impose serious consequences on the viewer, and he/she should take complete responsibility of further consequences.
  • The owner of the course deserves complete authority to block access of any customer of the course who violates the terms and conditions of the course. Further legal actions may also be taken.
  • Please DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF VPN OR PROXY to access the course. This is being done for privacy purposes. If we find this practice we may take disciplinary actions or block access permanently.
  • The product once purchased is not refundable after successful payment.
  • (*) The availability of LIVE classes are subject to that of the instructor. The details will be provided every week 2-3 hours before the class on the discord server. The classes may not continue every week, and may discontinue at any time.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to apply your programming skills for ethical hacking
  • Learn to build logical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Learn to build industry grade ethical hacking toolkits
  • Learn to automate penetration testing methodology
  • Learn to apply standard Python concepts
  • Learn to remove the tag of a Script Kiddie

Course Content



SNIFFING: Simple Packet Sniffer

SCANNING: Simple Network Scanner

SCANNING: Simple Port Scanner

SCANNING: Banner Grabber

SCANNING: Port Scanning with Scapy



EXPLOITATION: Creating a Multi Functional Malware

WEB APP PENTESTING: Directory Buster

WEB APP PENTESTING: Subdomain Finder

WEB APP PENTESTING: Recursive Web Crawler

WEB APP PENTESTING: Web Vulnerability Scanner



CRYPTOGRAPHY: Hash Password Cracker

AUTOMATION: Recon Automation


Additional Content

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11 months ago
Very informative course indeed. Thank you Ansh.

Note: Make sure to watch his Python series on YouTube before starting with this one, unless you are already familiar with Python basics.
12 months ago
sir you are the best teacher I had in my life
1 year ago
feeling lucky and happy that i purchased this course thanks ansh bhai : )
1 year ago
very nice easy to understand.
1 year ago
Very informative course indeed. Thank you Ansh.

Note: Make sure to watch his Python series on YouTube before starting with this one, unless you are already familiar with Python basics.
1 year ago
Just Quite amazing but if you are gonna buy this make sure you are familiar with python and networking and basic pentesting.

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