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Welcome to the world of Ethical Hacking! If you are a complete beginner, this course is a gem for you! Learn everything you need to know about attacking and exploiting your target, in your native language, HINDI!

This is the second part of my Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Bundle with the name “TechHacker Exploitation Online Course”, in which you will step into the world of hacking from the very basics and know everything it takes for exploiting or attacking the target.

NOTE: Nepal, Bangladesh,Pakistan & other nationals other than India who want to purchase this course can PayPal me directly (15 USD only) on my PayPal id: [email protected] Send the receipt of payment on the same email along with your following accurate details: Course name, Your Full name, mobile number, email. You should create an account with your same email on this site before you can access the course.

NOTE: This course is in continuation of the “TechHacker Pre-Hacking”. So it is highly recommended that you learn the Pre-Hacking first and then go for this course, for a better understanding.

TechHacker Part 2: Exploitation Syllabus/Table of Contents: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WJ7NvB_bIA4FD0UvHnvk1G2a7f8Xc1jC/view

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What will this course give you? After taking this course, you will be able to:

  1. Learn how to use the information gathered about the target so far
  2. Know the techniques and ethics of system hacking, penetration testing and exploitation
  3. Introduce yourself to Penetration Testing Frameworks such as MetaSploit
  4. Know and understand the platform pentesting such as Windows and Linux
  5. Know how to exploit the vulnerabilities to gain access and exploit the target systems
  6. Make use of the bugs found in an efficient manner
  7. Learn the concepts and techniques of Privilege Escalation
  8. Know the basics and working of all kinds of malwares (virus, worm, trojan, spyware, ransomware, etc.)
  9. Understand and carry out Network Pentesting using popular tools such as Wireshark
  10. Be able to perform network attacks involving ARP, DNS, DHCP, TCP, etc.
  11. Learn about Social Engineering, the art of human hacking, and the strategies behind it
  12. Know the concept of Denial of Service, and be able to stress test applications
  13. Know the basics of Active Directory, it’s lab setup, and basic attack testing
  14. Learn about Web Applications and their working
  15. Learn and concepts  of sessions and cookies, and attacks on them
  16. Know the web app vulnerability stack and deduce the attacks for a given target
  17. Know the Web Server attacks and be able to perform them in a testing environment
  18. Know and be able to test Web Applications with all the major modern day attacks like XSS, SQLi, CSRF, Broken Authentication, Sensitive Data Exposure, and some advanced modern day vulnerabilities such as SSRF, XXE, SSTI, etc.
  19. Be able to penetrate and perform exploitation tests on any kind of target
  20. Be able to run the industry standard applications and softwares used for pentesting
  21. Learn every methodology professionally and ethically
  22. Be able to improve the security of the digital assets by demonstrating their exploitation
  23. Be able to apply the concepts hands on effectively
  24. Learn how to prevent and protect from each kind of attack taught and work defensively
  25. Learn how hacking is done in corporate environment

How to access the course?

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  2. The course will be live on 5th July 2020. All the preorder customers will get the course access key on that day.
  3. After that any customer who takes the course will get the access key within 24 hrs of their payment.
  4. If you have previously bought the TechHacker Pre-Hacking, then the same key you got that time can be used for this course too.
  5. You will get an email about all the details to get access to your course on this website.
  7. The videos will be available on demand on the website. You can watch them anytime 24/7. You can watch any video any number of times.

Product Terms and Conditions:

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  • You are clearly notified that all the deliverable content of the course is totally authentic and is the sole property of Bitten Tech Solutions. Some of the illustrations are third party and belong to their respective owners.
  • All the practicals, hands on and attacks and scans performed in the course are all done under testing environment which is totally owned by the course creator. You are hereby advised to follow the same. Any deviation or failure to abide by the guidelines of the tutor shall impose serious consequences on the viewer, and he/she should take complete responsibility of further consequences.
  • The owner of the course deserves complete authority to block access of any customer of the course who violates the terms and conditions of the course. Further legal actions may also be taken.
  • Please DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF VPN OR PROXY to access the course. This is being done for privacy purposes. If we find this practice we may take disciplinary actions or block access permanently.
  • (*) The availability of LIVE classes are subject to that of the instructor. The details will be provided every week 2-3 hours before the class on the discord server. The classes may not continue every week, and may discontinue at any time.

Topics for this course

304 Lessons56h

System Hacking

8.1 Introduction to System Hacking00:00:00
8.2 Goals of System Hacking00:00:00
8.3 Introduction to Password Cracking00:00:00
8.4 Password Complexity00:00:00
8.5 Types of Password Attacks00:00:00
8.6 Active Online Attack00:00:00
8.7 Password Guessing00:00:00
8.8 Default Passwords00:00:00
8.9 Online Malware Attack00:00:00
8.10 Hash Injection or Pass the Hash00:00:00
8.11 Meaning of Promiscous Mode00:00:00
8.12 Man in the Middle and Replay attacks00:00:00
8.13 Offline attacks, Rainbow Tables00:00:00
8.14 Offline Distributed Network Attacks00:00:00
8.15 Password Cracking with KeyLoggers00:00:00
8.16 Password List generation with crunch00:00:00
8.17 Password Cracking with hashcat00:00:00
8.18 Password Cracking with John the Ripper00:00:00
8.19 Password Cracking with Hydra00:00:00
8.20 Password Cracking with rainbowcrack00:00:00
8.21 Password Cracking with Cain and Winrtgen00:00:00
8.22 Password Extraction with passview00:00:00
8.23 Password Salting00:00:00
8.24 Microsoft Authentication00:00:00
8.25 How password are stored in SAM file00:00:00
8.26 Introduction to Domain Controller00:00:00
8.27 Introduction to Active Directory00:00:00
8.28 LAN Manager Hash00:00:00
8.29 NTLM Authentication00:00:00
8.30 Kerberos Authentication00:00:00
8.31 Active Directory Lab Build and Minimum Requirements00:00:00
8.32 Active Directory Downloading Necessary Files00:00:00
8.33 Active Directory Installing the Windows 10 Server00:00:00
8.34 Active Directory Installing and Setting up Domain Controller00:00:00
8.35 Active Directory Creating Users, Groups, Services and Shares00:00:00
8.36 Active Directory Installing and Setting up Windows 10 Enterprise00:00:00
8.37 Active Directory Update Windows 1000:00:00
8.38 Active Directory Joining Users to the Domain00:00:00
8.39 Active Directory Attacks LLMNR NBTNS Poisoning00:00:00
8.40 Active Directory Attacks Kerberoasting00:00:00
8.41 Active Directory Attacks Kerberoasting in action00:00:00
8.42 Introduction to Metasploit00:00:00
8.43 Metasploit Framework (msf) Walkthrough00:00:00
8.44 searchsploit00:00:00
8.45 Metasploit Exploiting Windows 700:00:00
8.46 Metasploit Exploiting Linux Machine (Metasploitable)00:00:00
8.47 DLL Hijacking00:00:00
8.48 DLL Hijacking in action00:00:00
8.49 Mimikatz00:00:00
8.50 Linux Authentication15:26
8.51 Introduction to Privilege Escalation00:00:00
8.52 Windows User Levels00:00:00
8.53 Linux User Levels00:00:00
8.54 Executing Applications00:00:00
8.55 Introduction to Keyloggers00:00:00
8.56 Types of Keyloggers00:00:00
8.57 Working of Remote Keyloggers00:00:00
8.58 Anti Keyloggers00:00:00
8.59 All in One keylogger00:00:00
8.60 Introduction to Spywares00:00:00
8.61 spyagent00:00:00
8.62 Hiding files – Rootkits00:00:00
8.63 Types of Rootkits00:00:00
8.64 Working of Rootkits00:00:00
8.65 Detecting Rootkits00:00:00
8.66 Anti Rootkits00:00:00
8.67 NTFS Alternate Data Streams00:00:00
8.68 NTFS ADS in action00:00:00
8.69 Introduction to Steganography00:00:00
8.70 Image Steganography00:00:00
8.71 Text Steganography00:00:00
8.72 Audio Steganography00:00:00
8.73 Video Steganography00:00:00
8.74 Quickstego00:00:00
8.75 Deepsound00:00:00
8.76 Omnihide pro00:00:00
8.77 Detecting Steganography00:00:00
8.78 Steganalysis00:00:00
8.79 Covering Tracks00:00:00
8.80 Metasploit Windows Post Exploitation, Privilege Escalation11:58
8.81 Linux Privilege Escalation00:00:00
8.82 Password Cracking Countermeasures00:00:00
8.83 Privilege Escalation Countermeasures00:00:00
8.84 Keylogger Countermeasures00:00:00
8.85 Rootkit Countemeasures00:00:00
8.86 NTFS ADS Countermeasures00:00:00
8.87 Spyware Countermeasures00:00:00
Module 8 Study Materials


Sniffing and Spoofing

Social Engineering

Denial of Service

Session Hijacking

Hacking Web Servers

Hacking Web Applications

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its a very fantastic course i learnt lot of things from this

Absolutely nice. Love you ansh bhawani


Great content!!! Every topic is covered in detail mannered and practical demo made it much easier to understand the concept

Awesome course bro i know basic very well and little bit about how to exploit but i don't know how to approach attack after buying this course i know lots of knowledge thnx ansh Bro.

Great course, It has helped me a lot and now I can confidently say that I am a certified ethical hacker by passing both CEH theory and CEH master exam. Thankyou so much Ansh Sir for devoting your time and efforts in making such a detailed course that covers all the basics and mandatory logics.

Awsome course ❣️😍

This is one of the best course I ever have. Thanks to me to find this awesome platform for ethical hackers. And Thanks to sir for providing such an awesome course in a very cheap cost (The way this course is and the cost of this course is extremely low)
Don't wait for purchasing this awesome course. Thanks to sir again

This Course is really amazing..
Thanks sir you are great..

A great course and simplest way to understand..... To way of teaching is very natural...

This Course is really amazing
Thanks you sir

Best course i have ever seen those who taking
preparation for CEH they can go through this course and this 2 course help me a lot

No doubt as Ansh Sir mentioned this is intermediate course but maybe you'll gain more than you expected . his way of explanation,course material everything is great so just enroll it and deep dive into the world of cyber security.

Wonderful course for beginners and intermediate...I suggest to take this course and enhance your learning 👍

Amazing course 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Amazing Course with explaination keep it Up bro

Thanks sir you are great❤❤😍😍😍😊😊😊

This course tech hacker Exploitation is one of the best and perfect suitable course and also Pre-hacking with next part-3 also be verygood course specially i wait for the future another course i request to Ansh bhawanani sir he make courses in the future.........

Thanks sir you are great

Sir ye course bahat acha he, sir apne bahat ache se basic explain kiahe ki ak beginner bi samj jayega. sir OSCP level ki course banaye ham wait kar rahehen he.

as soon as possible 😁😁🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍

very excited

I am very excited for the course. as i saw it will cover all the topic which is very helpfull for both beginner and higher intermediate peoples .such a nice contribution in the field of cyber security .i would suggest you take the course before going to any higher certification it will very helpfull. i hope ansh brother will make more intresting course on ethical hacking and cyber security..plzz guys don't piracy the course is made by very hardworking so use it and help each other to share knowledge..thanks you guys love you all..stay safe-stay healthy.


Material Includes

  • 1. LIVE doubt sessions every week *
  • 2. Module PDFs (Presentations used to explain the concepts)
  • 3 Additional PDFs for reference
  • 4. Reference file containing useful links for articles, books, tools, etc.
  • 5. Illustrations, i.e, diagrams and images to help you better understand the concepts

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