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Welcome to the world of Ethical Hacking! If you are a complete beginner, this course is a gem for you! Learn everything you need to know about hacking, before attacking your target, in your native language, HINDI!

This is the first part of my Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Bundle with the name “TechHacker Pre-Hacking Online Course”, in which you will step into the world of hacking from the very basics and know everything it takes before exploiting or attacking the target.

TechHacker Part 1: PreHacking Syllabus/Table of Contents: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kvJztMIS4po5nCuOZUVndB-nBHCiwQKX/view?usp=sharing

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What will this course give you? After taking this course, you will be able to:

  1. Step into the world of hacking and know what exactly it is
  2. Know the history of this field and its fundamentals
  3. Introduce yourself to Information Security and it’s sub fields
  4. Know and understand whatever is required to learn before and after hacking
  5. Know why you should learn hacking?
  6. Know that hacking is NOT ALWAYS ILLEGAL
  7. How to make a career in Ethical Hacking
  8. Know the basics of cyber security and its terminologies
  9. Setup your own personalized hacking environment with most popular tools and softwares
  10. Know each and every detail of what you are doing, conceptually
  11. Be able to run your own commands, install your own tools and manage them
  12. Learn about Linux and everything about it to work with it
  13. Learn major Windows and Linux Commands
  14. Learn about Computer Networking conceptually and whatever you need in infosec
  15. Refresh your networking concepts of every layer, mainly application layer in detail
  16. Know about the working of VPNs, proxies, TOR, SSH, Telnet and many more
  17. Know the phases of ethical hacking and pentesting and how important information gathering is
  18. Be able to do reconnaissance and footprinting on a target systematically
  19. Be able to gather as much information about the target as you can with popular tools and techniques practically
  20. Know the importance of scanning and how to find vulnerabilities in a target
  21. Learn every methodology professionally and ethically
  22. Learn about proper documentation of scan results
  23. Be able to apply the concepts hands on effectively
  24. Learn about enumeration and its types
  25. Learn how hacking is done in corporate environment

How to access the course?

  1. Once you have purchased and completed the payment, an invoice will be generated and emailed to you.
  2. The course will be live on 4th April 2020. All the preorder customers will get the course access key on that day.
  3. After that any customer who takes the course will get the access key within 24 hrs of their payment.
  4. You will get an email about all the details to get access to your course on this website.
  6. The videos will be available on demand on the website. You can watch them anytime 24/7. You can watch any video any number of times.

Product Terms and Conditions:

  • You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the course, use of the service, or access to the service or any contact on the website through which the course is provided, without express written permission by us.
  • You are clearly notified that all the deliverable content of the course is totally authentic and is the sole property of Bitten Tech Solutions. Some of the illustrations are third party and belong to their respective owners.
  • All the practicals, hands on and attacks and scans performed in the course are all done under testing environment which is totally owned by the course creator. You are hereby advised to follow the same. Any deviation or failure to abide by the guidelines of the tutor shall impose serious consequences on the viewer, and he/she should take complete responsibility of further consequences.
  • The owner of the course deserves complete authority to block access of any customer of the course who violates the terms and conditions of the course. Further legal actions may also be taken.
  • Please DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF VPN OR PROXY to access the course. This is being done for privacy purposes. If we find this practice we may take disciplinary actions or block access permanently.
  • (*) The availability of LIVE classes are subject to that of the instructor. The details will be provided every week 2-3 hours before the class on the discord server. The classes may not continue every week, and may discontinue at any time.

Topics for this course

175 Lessons24h


[1.1] Introduction to Information Security00:00:00
[1.2] Information-Security-Threats00:00:00
[1.3] Introduction to Cyber Security00:00:00
[1.4] The CIA Triad00:00:00
[1.5] Who are Hackers00:00:00
[1.6] Types of Hackers00:00:00
[1.7] Introduction to Ethical Hacking00:00:00
[1.8] Information Warfare00:00:00
[1.9] Need for Ethical Hackers00:00:00
[1.10] Careers in Ethical Hacking00:00:00
[1.11] Course Overview12:53
[1.12] General Terminologies11:43
[1.13] How To become an Ethical Hacker00:00:00
Module 1 Study Materials

Basics and Environment setup

Linux Refresher

Networking Refresher

Footprinting and Reconnaissance



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Excellent for beginners

Nice explaination

Ye 1 star only for website and key option bohot hi ghatiya website hai bar bar not authorised bol kr home page me le aata hai iski wjah se interest khatam ho jata hai videos dekhne ka ek dam ghatiya website or upar se ye key wala option baar baar key dalo ek dam bekar..


sir mere wala laptop mai nhi on ho rha hai kali linux plese halp me sir

This course is best for Beginners in Ethical hacking .

Thanks sir for provide best Ethical hacking course thankyou very mach😘😘 .

I buy next course very soon.. thanks sir 😘😘


I have purchased course pre hacker. But after entering my key which is provided it is showing not authorised. Also there is no reply from ansh bhawnani

Doesn't explain in a proper way and have not provide deep understanding.
also he didn't reply any questions.
Bittentech course m theory ke sath practical bhi hota to jyada samaj aata.

Great course, It has helped me a lot and now I can confidently say that I am a certified ethical hacker by passing both CEH theory and CEH master exam. Thankyou so much Ansh Sir for devoting your time and efforts in making such a detailed course that covers all the basics and mandatory logics.

Best course in Ethical Hacking in online. I will do C|EH after completing his all 3 courses, also getting confidence. Thank you dada Love from Kalyani, Kolkata,West Bengal.

best course for beginners....love it

Worth it !!! Great course clearing every concept .

Great course..!!

I want to give it 7 star ratings .

Very nice sir

best course for beginner...who want to learn ethical hacking with deep concept....

Awesome explanation by the mentor and best course for beginners to learn & explore ethical hacking...πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ”₯

Best Cybersecurity course in India, for India. Best suitable for beginners who wants to start their career in the field of hacking and cybersecurity at a very affordable price. World-class instructor made this premium course available to everyone.

well done sir everything explian in simple way .thank you

Great course for bigneers those who wants to start career in security...this course will give a way to understand what hacking is......the way Ansh sir teaches is very natural....

i love this course. if you are intrested in cyber security field this is the best course.

Its the best course for beginners.
If you are beginner in this field do take this course. Nobody teaches and give this kind of content what Ansh sir is giving. I will highly recommend this course to everyone. This course has everything you need to learn as begineer.

This is one of the most interesting course on internet. I'm really glad that I completed the course and earned a certificate. The videos and the PDF documents are very informative!

If you're new to hacking world , then this course is made for you , without any hesitation just go for this course , you'll definitely like it and concepts will be clear as crystal

Best course ever

Trullly amazing and worth for money(paisa wasool) !!
i have enrolled many courses but literally i didn't get so briefly knowledge . Trust me your every basic concept gonna be clear after this course.

Bhai owasp zip file me download nhi ho raha hai, kuch solution batao, aur koi owasp ka alternative bata do

this is the best course i ever seen. If you are a begginer who have no knowledge of hacking, linux os, commands, this course is for u guys. Best course and Ansh sir explained every concept very well & in detail.

Seriously course is very nice

Best Course for absolute beginners

nice course,very genuine

Best course

Thanks sir you are great❀❀😍😍😍😊😊😊

You gave us the strength we needed to take the next steps toward our dream..

Thank you sir..
Owesome Course πŸ’ͺπŸ’›πŸ’€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Best Course, Good explanation, understandable

I have just started the course,i am very much impressed,so nicely explained,in future again i will give review.Every Intetested person in this field should try this course.

thanks for this course

best course for ethical hacking

this is damn great course

Best hacking course

Best course on ethical hacking. Every topic is explained briefly in Hindi which is very much understandable.

Superb course

One of the best course i have ever seen

Best course , Good explanation ,understandable.
Thanks Ansh bhai.

It is worth and also helpful

Nice very good explanation
Thanks sir

nice course

Best course for learner

Superb course ansh sir best everything is understandable

best course


Material Includes

  • 1. LIVE doubt sessions every week *
  • 2. Module PDFs (Presentations used to explain the concepts)
  • 3. Additional PDFs for reference
  • 4. Reference file containing useful links for articles, books, tools, etc.
  • 5. Illustrations, i.e, diagrams and images to help you better understand the concepts


  • Basic Computer Science Knowledge on how processing works, I/O devices, OS Fundamentals and hardware (A+ competency preferable)
  • Basics of networking (revision included in the bundle)
  • Basics of working with Linux OS (revision included in the bundle)
  • Passion to learn, work and grow consistently

Target Audience

  • Computer science students who want to start a career in cybersecurity
  • Non technical students who want to switch to cybersecurity domain
  • Working professionals looking to switch or work part time pentesting

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